Our Story

sunday mâtin is the joy of sunday mornings (mâtin).  The smell of fresh brewed coffee.  The sun peaking through the curtains.  It's that moment of peace for ourselves.

It's also a day of rituals. From sunday brunch to sunday suppers, we are here to provide you with the best high quality products. Whether you're hosting or attending an event, our small batch, handmade products are sure to please.


"Like unexpectedly wandering into the shops in the Marais district."


We strive to bring together likeminded artisans who stand for sustainable practices and have an eco-conscious mindset.  Our aim is to connect you with brands that are unique and have a personality of their own. Like unexpectedly wandering into the shop in the Marais district.

As we continue our story, we hope to have you along for the journey.